Tuesday, May 3, 2016

 2016 Trends!

WOW! It’s been a while since I have had a chance to keep my fellow newlyweds updated but better late than never!
       Here are the newest trends into the year 2016:

Out with traditional overrated blush pink that every bride dreams about...and in with the COLOR!! 2016 brings us a colorful pallet. We are in Miami. Bringing out the beautiful shades of Hot Pink & Bright Orange are POPPIN with color.

Freshly picked flowers is another new trend on the rise!! I personally love a bouquet with not only a pop of color but natural greens to compliment it. Typically, most brides do not stray out of their comfort zone with their bouquet BUT it is what is going to stand out the most in your photos. --- on that note, a bouquet blog will be posted soon J

2016 has also brought the “family style receptions” to life. I have mixed feelings on the layout. It is beautiful as a whole + the entire family can sit together causing less stress for the bride & groom with creating a seating chart. HOWEVER, there is a downside. Family style dinner receptions causes less space for your guests. Especially with a nice dress on. Plus, your décor gets minimized as well since there is less room on the table.
Pinterest is an amazing site. The ideas it offers are infinite. I would say into 2016 only use Pinterest as inspiration. Make your wedding day your own. Create your own details and bring them to life. Then maybe, other newlyweds will be using your wedding day as inspiration!

Metallics & Sequins!! My all-time favorite. These accents have made a huge hit into 2016. Being tasteful is key. Hints of sequin or metallic combinations can really bring out your reception. From table linen to bridesmaid dresses. A little Sparkle Never Killed Nobody!

Lastly, a mixture of themes in one event have made a huge breakthrough. Modern, Vintage & Farm? Sounds crazy right? But I can assure you it is completely fabulous. Play around with your decor. Not focusing on “tradition” can actually turn out to be quite magical. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

"The longest sentence you can form with two words is I DO"- H.L. Mencken 
The first word that comes to mind when I think of a Wedding Day is FUN. What good is a wedding if you are not enjoying every second of it; From the wedding gitters the night before to the tears falling down your face as you walk down the aisle there is nothing I can think of that is more fun then marrying and falling in love with your best friend.
     However, as much fun as it is for you, it should be just as exciting for your guests as well. You are sharing this moment with them. Here are some awesome ideas to add a little flavor to your wedding reception!

Cue Cards 

This idea is super cute and unique. Cue cards give your guests a chance to have an interaction in your big day. They will appreciate the gesture. I would recommend to have them placed during your reception, particularly during the toast. The guests will enjoy it, and it will look great for the pictures and video! 

Painting your Ceremony 

I absolutely recommend this to all my future bride & grooms. Hire an artist to attend your ceremony and have them paint the ceremony on a canvas as it is happening.  This will be a great addition to your memories of your big day. 

                                                     Anniversary Pinata ?

Picture this. Get a beautiful or funny pinata made for your wedding day, obviously something that represents either the days scheme or the Bride & Groom. Then... have your guests insert notes, jokes, advice, etc..into the pinata the day of your wedding. The day of your 1 year anniversary, both of you can set it up and break it open, alongside a great bottle of champagne. It will be a beautiful anniversary filled with laughter, love, and maybe tears..depending on how many glasses of champagne you've had!! 

Did someone say: Selfie?

This idea is for my ladies. We all know we have that one side that we love to pose on. However, it is your wedding day you will be looking FLAWLESS. Lets get that selfie from all angles. We are about to be in 2016, all of us have a smart phone, have your bridesmaids take them out and get you from all angles. Now you can make an executive decision with all options present. 

For the Groom 
Don't worry gentlemen I did not forget that its your big day as well. 
You know, in case your feet get cold. 

Photo Stand in's

Usually at a wedding receptions there is a Photo booth setup for entertainment and memories of the craziness. However, I think that a very cute and quirky idea would be to have a stand in station or both if you want to go all out. The stand in station is a very unique touch and you can play around with the ideas of what your stand in would be. Be creative. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

       I don't know about you but I think party favors are pretty important.  The best favor is a favor that actually has either something to do with the wedding OR something that is actually useful for each guest. Why would you spend money on something they are going to throw away? 
       In my opinion the best party favors should be nicely wrapped to theme or scheme whichever your wedding entails and most importantly, actually be usable. Remember this is your way of saying THANK YOU for coming to our wedding and sharing this memorable moment with us. They were invited to your wedding for a reason...you must like them (at least a little) 

Obviously the party favor should go with the vibe of the wedding, here are a few cute ideas! 

Lets get things POPPIN!

This has to be one of the cutest little ideas I have ever seen and honestly...who doesn't love popcorn?? You can incorporate obviously a cute little message for your guests to make it your own. I mean, your wedding day should be like a movie right?? 

There's nothing better
 then Sweater Weather 

If you are thinking of having an outdoor wedding and it's a bit chilly outside, offer your guests cute cozy blankets, that way they will enjoy the wedding as much as you are. Plus, this is a great example of a party favor that won't go to waste. 

Lets start this wedding right, a toast to You & I 

I absolutely love this idea. In a reality, you are going to have a toast at some point of your reception. Might as well give personal bottles to each guest so you can kill two birds with one stone. You can also add straws to each bottle so they can just sip, sip from the bottle. Keepin' it classy. *Pinkies up*

DIY s'more FAVORS! Absolutely lovin' this idea. It does not cost an arm and a leg to get done, it is delicious and super simple to create.  This can honestly go with any theme, as long as the stationary is done correctly. 

This is the cutest and most romantic party favor of all. Although it only last like 15 seconds at most, when everyone lights them up together the pictures will be priceless. Plus it is a very fun addition to the reception. 

This Party favor is so 2015! I love the idea. There is nothing more annoying than to be at a party and have to sit down because your feet are in excruciating pain. This can ensure that your guests will be partying ALL NIGHT LONG. 

This is another modernized party favor that I've seen to be a nice touch. Macrons have made a big hit this year in the wedding favor industry. There is no better favor than snacks for the tummy! 

 Finally, you can never go wrong with a cute tote bag. Personalize it to make it your own. It is usable, durable and a great memory to keep! 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Don't Forget to...

(when taking your Wedding Photos)

Every bride is well aware that her Wedding Photos is ultimately the only memory she will have of her Wedding day. You can remember it vaguely 20 years later but the photos in the album will take you back as if it happened yesterday. This is why, my dear brides I have created a list of things that most brides forget to do before they take these memorable photos. 
  1. Freshen up! Think about how many times you have kissed your groom at this point...I'm pretty positive it will be more then you can count. You can have on the best lipstick in the world  but i promise you it will not be intact the whole night unless you freshen up!! You do not need a whole beauty squad but when you arrive at your next destination head to your dressing room and touch up a bit. 
  2. "This is my good side." Hello, every girl has one. Lets not even front. Us girls know that when it is time to pose we unconsciously know what side is considered our "good side." Stick with it. Especially on your wedding day. You know your angle, work it. 
  3. Posture. I cannot stress your posture enough. Sit straight. There is nothing more unattractive in a women then looking "hunchback" in pictures. Especially on your wedding day. When the photo calls for a seating arrangement, sit up STRAIGHT. The photo will come out 10x better! P.s you're a lady, cross your legs. 
  4. Props & Accessories. Whether you are holding your bouquet or a clutch make sure your accessories are being held properly. How horrifying is a photo of you and your new hubby and your bouquet looks like its having a stroke because you forgot about it. Proper placement? When using a Traditional Bouquet it is most proper to hold it in front of you, at waist level, not so attached to your hips. If its a chill photo and you want to droop it down beside you, do it with class.
  5. Smiling. A smile is your best accessory of course. Plus, it is your wedding day so if your mouth isn't hurting because your smiling from ear to ear for hours then maybe you made a mistake...JUST KIDDING. But seriously ladies, do not fake smile in your photos, you can so tell. Your smile should be genuine and loving. Even if you just finished ripping someone apart for stepping on your toe, when the photographer says THREE...look as happy as can be !!
  6. Ultimately Relax. It is your wedding day. the day you've been dreaming  about. Make sure to show the real you in your photos, do not be a try hard because you can tell the difference. Be happy, love your husband, and show it in your photos. A picture can tell a thousand words, make it count.  

Monday, October 12, 2015

Gifting your Bridesmaids

     Lets face it, as women we love receiving gifts. With all the duties that come with being a super bridesmaid it feels amazing to feel appreciated. I decided to give you a couple of gift ideas to give your favorite girls for helping you through the stress and craziness leading to your big day! 

  1. Satin Robe with a Personalized Monogram. I personally love being in a robe rather then full on attire. It is so comfy. This would be an amazing gift to offer. When you have your gathering the night before it would be SO CUTE to take selfies all dressed in robe attire with your facial masks and most favorite girls around you.
  2. Wrist-lets. This gives room for personality. Give each bride a cute wrist-let wallet in their favorite color to always have with them. There is nothing more annoying then a huge purse strapped to your shoulder when you are on the go. Especially when wedding planning. 
  3. Desk Accessories. If your bridesmaids are office busy then a basket of cute office supplies should suffice. I personally love to show my personality at my desk, AND if you chose these women to be your bridesmaids then you must know a lot about them. This way your gift will be used everyday. 
  4. Monogramed Mug. I LOVE COFFEE IN THE MORNING. I think this is one of the cutest gifts there is. I have a favorite mug and your bridesmaids should have one to. Something they all share in common. It would be used for a life time.
  5. Eye shadow Pallet. Another amazing gift. Every girl loves to feel girly. Gifting them with makeup is a perfect way to add onto that feeling. 
  6. Spa Candle. Candles bring tranquility. It is a cute gesture and thank you. 
  7. Best-Friend Necklace. Perfect gift to say thank you. Give your bridesmaids a necklace that has a little quote that shows them how grateful you are for their presence and guidance throughout the process. 
  8. Spa Gift. What better way to say thank you then a spa day?? They are going through as much stress as you are because they love you, a great gift is a day at the spa. Plus you can enjoy it with them. That is always a plus. 
  9. Jewelry. What girl doesn't love jewelry. Buy your bridesmaids matching earrings to wear for the big day. 
  10. Totes. Totes are lifesavers for beach days or days on the town. No matter what the occasion a tote can do a girl good. Plus you can probably customize them to your liking?? The ideas are infinite.

Yes I know you are spending loads of money on your wedding, but do not forget about your bridesmaids most likely busting their butts to make your big day spectacular. A simple thank you gift can really get the girls feeling good about all the work and effort they put into your day.  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tips on what you should do once you get ENGAGED! 

    Once engaged, the craziness of wedding planning begins. Understandable, of course! There is  a lot to be done. However, I've decided to give you a few tips on how to keep the relationship healthy throughout the process. Wedding planning is a stressful process, it brings a lot of craziness to the relationship, so you need to focus on keeping the relationship & wedding planning graceful. 
  1. Date Night: I cannot stress enough how important this is! Yes, both of you have lives that you need to continue living and that is fine. However, fill one of the 7 days a week in with a traditional date night for you and your fiance. It is essential. This night involves no wedding planning, no stressful concepts, just you and hubby reminding one another why you fell in love in the first place. So arrange a night where you do something different with one another and enjoy the company. BE IN LOVE!
  2. His Band: Most guys are not complicated when it comes to their wedding band. Therefore, the search shouldn't be difficult. You should know your fiance very well and picking his band should be simple. You do not need to spend loads of money on it. If you go to a jeweler to find one, they will charge you an arm and a leg. If you have the body parts to spare GO FOR IT; If you do not, Amazon is a great option. I know, it sounds sketchy, but it works. 
  3. Cash Back! When buying ANYTHING for your wedding open an account that gives you points for your purchases. There is a website called "ebates" and it doubles your cash back, just make sure to use them for your purchases. They have 2-10% cash back rate. When creating an account with them use their bookmarking tool so it will remind you to activate your cash back on the purchase. 
  4. PINTEREST: CREATE A SECRET BOARD. It is almost essential when planning a wedding. Let your maid of honor and bridesmaids get in on it. This way, all of you can input ideas so you aren't doing everything on your own. It helps A LOT. Plus, pinterest is just fun in general. Your ideas can be infinite. 
  5. I LOVE AMAZON: Create a registry on Amazon. They offer a "universal registry" which is AWESOME! A universal registry gives you the option to add items that aren't even sold on amazon, this way you have a list of everything you've added. Plus hello, you can look at other customers reviews before making a purchase. IT IS A LIFE SAVER. On top of everything is gives you a 10% discount on remaining items and a printable thank you list. Two birds...one stone. 
  6. Be honest.  Being honest in a marriage is essential to keep it strong and healthy. Make sure to always communicate honestly. Talk about all of your struggles that will hurt the relationship in the long run. Work on fixing them now. There is an awesome book (on amazon) called " QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED". Read it and love it. 
  7. Always be kind.  Planning a wedding can get the best of your emotions. It is stressful and stress can bring out the ugly side of people. Do not take it out on one another. Try to keep the relationship fresh by doing little cute things for each other. Little notes, cute texts, random I love you's. Do not let the stress of wedding planning drive you away from each other. Marriages are not 50/50 it requires 100% from both parties. When you are in love, it shouldn't be hard to constantly show it. 
  8. Ask for Advice. Your parents should be the go to for wedding advice, however, if they aren't, ask married friends and family for advice. Sharing a life together is a new concept to the both of you. You are not going to know it all. You will run into bumps along the road, and its NORMAL I promise. You just need to find ways to deal with them, smooth them out. It will only get better with time. 
  9. Write a journal. This helps me greatly. I love writing things down. It helps with my emotions. As a women you can go through a variety of emotions per day. Write it down, and they do not have to be sad or mad entry's. Write down when you are so happy, why you are happy etc..It feels amazing to look back at it and just remember the emotion you felt that day. 
  10. Relationship status? its complicated. Marriages are complicated. Just like everything in life. Nothing good, comes easy. It takes work. This is a new journey the both of you will embark on together. Some days you will be at each others throats and others you will be so in love its nauseating. Doesn't that sound amazing. Relationships are the most complicated forms of love, but it is so worth it. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

    So it is now the day before your wedding, I cannot begin to imagine what you must be feeling. However, here is a list of things to do the day before to make sure you are ON POINT when you walk down the aisle! 

  1.  Get a facial 
Invite the girls over and have  a typical girls night. There is no need to go to the spa. Just have the girls come over and you all can apply a facial mask with cucumbers of course. Do the whole nine! Here is a couple of options:

  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque $4.00 
You can find this mask at the drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, etc) 

  • Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel $16.00
This is a moisturizing and exfoliating treatment. It will give you a healthier looking complexion for your big day. 

  • St. Ives Scrub and Mask - Smooth & Nourished Oatmeal, $4
This mask is part scrub and part face mask. It removes dry skin. Not to mention it smells delicious. 

  • Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask, $8
 It kills acne-causing bacteria and penetrates deep into your pores at the same time.

  • Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask, $6
It only requires one minute of work, making it the most user-friendly treatment on the list.

   2. Apply Under eye cream
Even if you get plenty of rest the day before your wedding you still want to make certain you will not have those dreadful bags under your eyes. It is your wedding day, looking flawless is a must. 

3. Avoid Drinking!
Although, while having a girls night is hard to not bring out the wine, you should NOT drink. What can be worse then waking up with a hangover the day of your wedding. I'm sure you would prefer to wake up feeling like a princess, not like you got hit by a train! Put the bottles of wine away and hydrate on water. It will cleanse your body. 

4. Set a bed time 
I know we are all adults, however, it is best to give yourself a set time to go to bed. Hubby to be shouldn't be sleeping next to you so there shouldn't be any distractions. Let everyone who will bother you at 2 am know that you will be in bed at a certain time, and STICK TO IT. Put your phone on silent and get that BEAUTY SLEEP! 

5. Stay away from Social Media
 I cannot stress this enough. The day before your wedding is a day for you & only you! The whole world doesn't need to know what you are doing, plus that gives people more room to annoy you. Disconnect & focus on you. 

6. Say bye-bye to Hubby-to-be
It is going to be hard to not communicate for 24 hours but the ending result will be AMAZING. No texting, calling, instant messaging, tweeting, facetiming. NONE OF IT. Imagine that back in the day, brides didn't even meet their husband till they walked down the aisle, so you should be fine. Trust me, the element of surprise is priceless.

7.  Write a letter
You can't talk to him but writing a letter about your feelings for the big day will mean the world to him. Let your maid of honor deliver it to him just before the ceremony commences. Trust me girl, it will bring him to tears. He is marrying the women of his dreams. This letter will be the topping on the cake. 

8. Cross your T's and dot your I's 
Make sure to communicate with your event coordinator. Make certain that everything is up to par and there is no loose ends. Although, your planner should be on top of everything, it will help you sleep better if you double check. 

9. Check-in you Flight
IF you are leaving for your honeymoon shortly after your wedding day, be sure to pull up your itinerary and check if there are any upgrades, delays, or cancellations. It would suck to show up at the airport ready to go and your flight was delayed or cancelled. 

10. Have fun!
It is the day before your wedding. The girls are over, you have your masks on..WATCH SOME MOVIES, PLAY BOARD GAMES, get in the wedding mood. But remember do not stay up to late!! Build your excitement for the big day, watch wedding movies. Netflix has a great selection of Chick-flicks. 

Your wedding day is here and I hope it is everything you ever dreamed about. If you are still planning and just reading this blog entry for fun, Call Aqua Reception for an appointment and we will make your dreams come true. (305)559-4004.