Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tips on what you should do once you get ENGAGED! 

    Once engaged, the craziness of wedding planning begins. Understandable, of course! There is  a lot to be done. However, I've decided to give you a few tips on how to keep the relationship healthy throughout the process. Wedding planning is a stressful process, it brings a lot of craziness to the relationship, so you need to focus on keeping the relationship & wedding planning graceful. 
  1. Date Night: I cannot stress enough how important this is! Yes, both of you have lives that you need to continue living and that is fine. However, fill one of the 7 days a week in with a traditional date night for you and your fiance. It is essential. This night involves no wedding planning, no stressful concepts, just you and hubby reminding one another why you fell in love in the first place. So arrange a night where you do something different with one another and enjoy the company. BE IN LOVE!
  2. His Band: Most guys are not complicated when it comes to their wedding band. Therefore, the search shouldn't be difficult. You should know your fiance very well and picking his band should be simple. You do not need to spend loads of money on it. If you go to a jeweler to find one, they will charge you an arm and a leg. If you have the body parts to spare GO FOR IT; If you do not, Amazon is a great option. I know, it sounds sketchy, but it works. 
  3. Cash Back! When buying ANYTHING for your wedding open an account that gives you points for your purchases. There is a website called "ebates" and it doubles your cash back, just make sure to use them for your purchases. They have 2-10% cash back rate. When creating an account with them use their bookmarking tool so it will remind you to activate your cash back on the purchase. 
  4. PINTEREST: CREATE A SECRET BOARD. It is almost essential when planning a wedding. Let your maid of honor and bridesmaids get in on it. This way, all of you can input ideas so you aren't doing everything on your own. It helps A LOT. Plus, pinterest is just fun in general. Your ideas can be infinite. 
  5. I LOVE AMAZON: Create a registry on Amazon. They offer a "universal registry" which is AWESOME! A universal registry gives you the option to add items that aren't even sold on amazon, this way you have a list of everything you've added. Plus hello, you can look at other customers reviews before making a purchase. IT IS A LIFE SAVER. On top of everything is gives you a 10% discount on remaining items and a printable thank you list. Two birds...one stone. 
  6. Be honest.  Being honest in a marriage is essential to keep it strong and healthy. Make sure to always communicate honestly. Talk about all of your struggles that will hurt the relationship in the long run. Work on fixing them now. There is an awesome book (on amazon) called " QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE YOU GET MARRIED". Read it and love it. 
  7. Always be kind.  Planning a wedding can get the best of your emotions. It is stressful and stress can bring out the ugly side of people. Do not take it out on one another. Try to keep the relationship fresh by doing little cute things for each other. Little notes, cute texts, random I love you's. Do not let the stress of wedding planning drive you away from each other. Marriages are not 50/50 it requires 100% from both parties. When you are in love, it shouldn't be hard to constantly show it. 
  8. Ask for Advice. Your parents should be the go to for wedding advice, however, if they aren't, ask married friends and family for advice. Sharing a life together is a new concept to the both of you. You are not going to know it all. You will run into bumps along the road, and its NORMAL I promise. You just need to find ways to deal with them, smooth them out. It will only get better with time. 
  9. Write a journal. This helps me greatly. I love writing things down. It helps with my emotions. As a women you can go through a variety of emotions per day. Write it down, and they do not have to be sad or mad entry's. Write down when you are so happy, why you are happy etc..It feels amazing to look back at it and just remember the emotion you felt that day. 
  10. Relationship status? its complicated. Marriages are complicated. Just like everything in life. Nothing good, comes easy. It takes work. This is a new journey the both of you will embark on together. Some days you will be at each others throats and others you will be so in love its nauseating. Doesn't that sound amazing. Relationships are the most complicated forms of love, but it is so worth it. 

Monday, September 28, 2015

    So it is now the day before your wedding, I cannot begin to imagine what you must be feeling. However, here is a list of things to do the day before to make sure you are ON POINT when you walk down the aisle! 

  1.  Get a facial 
Invite the girls over and have  a typical girls night. There is no need to go to the spa. Just have the girls come over and you all can apply a facial mask with cucumbers of course. Do the whole nine! Here is a couple of options:

  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque $4.00 
You can find this mask at the drugstore (CVS, Walgreens, etc) 

  • Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel $16.00
This is a moisturizing and exfoliating treatment. It will give you a healthier looking complexion for your big day. 

  • St. Ives Scrub and Mask - Smooth & Nourished Oatmeal, $4
This mask is part scrub and part face mask. It removes dry skin. Not to mention it smells delicious. 

  • Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser Mask, $8
 It kills acne-causing bacteria and penetrates deep into your pores at the same time.

  • BiorĂ© Self Heating One Minute Mask, $6
It only requires one minute of work, making it the most user-friendly treatment on the list.

   2. Apply Under eye cream
Even if you get plenty of rest the day before your wedding you still want to make certain you will not have those dreadful bags under your eyes. It is your wedding day, looking flawless is a must. 

3. Avoid Drinking!
Although, while having a girls night is hard to not bring out the wine, you should NOT drink. What can be worse then waking up with a hangover the day of your wedding. I'm sure you would prefer to wake up feeling like a princess, not like you got hit by a train! Put the bottles of wine away and hydrate on water. It will cleanse your body. 

4. Set a bed time 
I know we are all adults, however, it is best to give yourself a set time to go to bed. Hubby to be shouldn't be sleeping next to you so there shouldn't be any distractions. Let everyone who will bother you at 2 am know that you will be in bed at a certain time, and STICK TO IT. Put your phone on silent and get that BEAUTY SLEEP! 

5. Stay away from Social Media
 I cannot stress this enough. The day before your wedding is a day for you & only you! The whole world doesn't need to know what you are doing, plus that gives people more room to annoy you. Disconnect & focus on you. 

6. Say bye-bye to Hubby-to-be
It is going to be hard to not communicate for 24 hours but the ending result will be AMAZING. No texting, calling, instant messaging, tweeting, facetiming. NONE OF IT. Imagine that back in the day, brides didn't even meet their husband till they walked down the aisle, so you should be fine. Trust me, the element of surprise is priceless.

7.  Write a letter
You can't talk to him but writing a letter about your feelings for the big day will mean the world to him. Let your maid of honor deliver it to him just before the ceremony commences. Trust me girl, it will bring him to tears. He is marrying the women of his dreams. This letter will be the topping on the cake. 

8. Cross your T's and dot your I's 
Make sure to communicate with your event coordinator. Make certain that everything is up to par and there is no loose ends. Although, your planner should be on top of everything, it will help you sleep better if you double check. 

9. Check-in you Flight
IF you are leaving for your honeymoon shortly after your wedding day, be sure to pull up your itinerary and check if there are any upgrades, delays, or cancellations. It would suck to show up at the airport ready to go and your flight was delayed or cancelled. 

10. Have fun!
It is the day before your wedding. The girls are over, you have your masks on..WATCH SOME MOVIES, PLAY BOARD GAMES, get in the wedding mood. But remember do not stay up to late!! Build your excitement for the big day, watch wedding movies. Netflix has a great selection of Chick-flicks. 

Your wedding day is here and I hope it is everything you ever dreamed about. If you are still planning and just reading this blog entry for fun, Call Aqua Reception for an appointment and we will make your dreams come true. (305)559-4004.   

Friday, September 25, 2015

     Wedding superstitions are the most ridiculous trends I have ever heard of, however, we all make sure they are incorporated in our special day. But why don't we question them ? Do we know where they originated before we do them ? OR do we do them because well, everyone else is doing it ?? I have decided to educate you on where these superstitions started and how they are incorporated now in modern day. 

The Reveal of the Wedding Dress 

     Ever since I was born it was common tradition to not let your hubby-to-be see you in your wedding dress before you walk the aisle. WHY?? Long ago when arranged marriage was common the bride and groom were not allowed to see each other AT ALL. Their marriage was arranged by the two families. The father of the bride (being a concerned father) wanted his daughter to marry into wealth; however, the saddest part is arranged marriages were created so that the groom had no choice but to see his wife as she was walking down the aisle so all he could say was I DO. This is why the veil was created!! To hide the brides face until the last second possible making it to late to say I DON'T!
     Today, we are not that extreme (thank god). However, the tradition still carries. Now brides do not let hubby-to-be see them before the wedding to make it a more memorable experience. Although, it is not necessary in any way. Some couples feel a lot better before the wedding if they see each other, it calms the nerves. Imagine, women are the worst critics. Our mind is going through a million thoughts before we say I DO, and the most common thought is...is he going to like my dress, my makeup, my hair!! I would recommend you talk with each other and decide whats best for the both of you. 

The Accessories 

     You know what I am talking about; Something old, Something new, Something borrowed & Something blue! But the original tradition included "and a silver sixpence in her shoe."
This superstition is supposed to bring the bride good-luck. "Something Old" expresses the need to stay connected to the brides family as she enters the new journey into married life. A common "Something Old" is usually a garter from a "Happily Married Women." 
   "Something new" is used to express a future of: Health, Happiness & Success within the new union. "Something borrowed" is a way for friends and family to contribute to her special day. "Something blue" symbolizes Fidelity & Constancy. This custom started in Ancient Israel, and it was usually was a blue ribbon that was placed in the brides hair to symbolize "the promise." In modern day, we leave out the "silver sixpence in her shoe." The bride-to-be is supposed to put a penny in her shoe to symbolize a life of good fortune. 

Am I next ?

     This is my favorite superstition. The throwing of the bouquet & garter! There is nothing more entertaining then seeing a group of single women tackle one another to catch the brides bouquet because they THINK it means they are next to wed...come on now. This crazy superstition started in medieval times, where the guests of the wedding would take a piece of the brides gown (while she was still wearing it) because it was believed to be "lucky". Groups of vicious people would follow the newlyweds to their bedroom and rip fragments of her gown off of her. This is why the throwing of the bouquet and garter were created; to distract them and leave the bride with a perfectly intact gown. 

Old Cake (yum)

     The freezing of the top tier of your wedding cake is very thoughtful, however, gross. This superstition started out because back in the day, shortly after  marriage, a baby was supposed to be on the way. This meant that the wedding & christening ceremony were very close in date. Therefore, newlyweds would freeze the top tier of their wedding cake and serve it at the christening of their newborn. Three tiers were commonly used because the bottom tier was for the reception, the middle tier was to distribute, and the top tier was for the christening.  TODAY, however, the tradition still stands, but is used differently. Not every newlywed is rushing to have their first child, meaning the length of conservation of the cake widened (more than a year, even more gross) and so now, the top tier is eaten on the newlyweds first wedding anniversary. 

Carry me 

      Getting carried like a child by your hubby is honestly a beautiful gesture. However, it does have various points of origins. The first started in Medieval Europe with a sexual connotation. Brides were carried over the threshold so they wouldn't look so desperate to loose their virginity, if the guy carries her, the thirst is on him! In western Europe, it leaned more towards the clumsiness of  a bride. It was believed that if the bride tripped over the threshold, it would bring bad luck to the marriage. This was avoided by the bride being carried over by hubby.  Lastly, in ancient cultures, it was believed that brides were vulnerable to evil spirits through the soles of her feet, so, the groom carried his wife to ensure no bad spirits would enter their home. TODAY, the groom carries his wife as a romantic gesture to welcome him into his life. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The perfect Fall Wedding

    Hi Again! as we all know Fall begins TODAY.  I am writing this blog to give you some ideas on a P E R F E C T fall wedding. Lets start off with the color schemes: 

  • Pumpkin Spice: 

  • Sweet Cherry: 

  • Risky Purple: 
      The color schemes above are just a few to choose from, they are my personal favorite for the season. Once your color scheme is chosen, Now, lets choose your venue. When choosing your venue, explore all of your options. Make sure that your vision can be created. Fall weddings typically take place in barns, lodges, or outdoor areas. However, most of those locations can be very pricey, When choosing a venue, its all about what can be done and what cannot. You would need a venue that is flexible to your needs. It is YOUR wedding. Using an inside venue, can assure that weather conditions will not interrupt your wedding day. That would be tragic. 

   Fall Invitations: 

When choosing your invitation layout, be UNIQUE. Don't do the typical invitation layout. Yes, I know your guests are most likely going to throw them out, but believe it or not, your invitations send out the whole vibe of your wedding day. Don't just settle. Always save an invitation for your memory book. Its going to be amazing to look back on. Explore your options. Read reviews on stationary venues, make sure they show you a sample of your invitation before they are ordered. It would be horrific to have a whole vision created and then they arrive and they atrocious. 

Centerpieces/Table settings: 

One of my favorite phases in planning is choosing the way my reception tables are going to look. Break down your table DETAIL by DETAIL. I am very big on organization, and that is a key essential to planning a wedding. Your centerpieces, should be simple rustic with a hint of your flavor. Here are some examples: 
Branches are always a great centerpiece for a fall wedding. It is fall, so what better way to represent fall then by using a representation of what fall is all about, natural beauty. Accentuate the centerpiece with candles, or accent flowers just to give it that romantic touch. 


   Using leaves as a centerpiece is another beautiful and unique option. It gives it that fall FLARE. Leaves come in all shapes and sizes, which gives your centerpieces dimension. It is the perfect way to keep it simple but not dull. Mix it in with some flowers, and candles to bring out the colors and you have yourself an amazing centerpiece. 


You can never go wrong with candles at a wedding. It sets the romantic feel, plus it wont cost you an arm and a leg. It creates a sense of tranquility and romance. The luminescence of a candle reaffirms the power of LOVE, which is what we are trying to accomplish here. Candles can always make a big difference towards the atmosphere of the event. PERFECT MOOD. 

Flower Arrangement: 

I personally love SUNFLOWERS as centerpieces for a fall wedding. Sunflowers create pure thoughts, adoration and dedication which go hand in hand with a marriage. Sunflowers just lift your spirits. Its a reflection of feeling warmth and caring. This could be a perfect flower arrangement for a fall wedding. 

Stay tuned for more exciting ideas! Aqua Reception is your premier event location. All can be done to make your wedding day the perfect day. Put your trust in AQUA to create the wedding of your dreams.<3 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Say I Do....BUT also please I DON'T

      Wedding planning can overwhelm you. Especially since well, it is the first time you are planning a wedding. How do you know what to do ? What comes first? When planning a wedding it is highly recommended to have some sort of written plan of guidance to assure you aren't missing any details and to cause less havoc. A wedding planner is always a good route. When planning your wedding you really need to not only think about yourself, but the guests that will be in attendance. How would you like them to feel when they enter your Ceremony/Reception? What kind of ambiance would you like to create?  
      The best way to come to a conclusion on what you DO want and what you DO NOT want is to go by personal experiences. Think about previous weddings you have been to. What did you like? What drove you crazy ? and ultimately, how can yours be BETTER !

   Through my personal experience I have come up with a list of Do's and Don'ts that can maybe give you a little push in the right direction. 


PLEASE DO be CLEAR & PRECISE with the vendors you are working with. In my previous blog I explained how miscommunication can ruin a whole wedding. Be sure that every single vendor you are working with understands every detail that is expected on your wedding day. The best way in my experience to be sure that everything is in order is to avoid VERBAL communication and have everything written down. Send emails when talking about details, make sure that they confirm that they received the email. It is honestly the best form of proof. So that when the day comes a long and they say " well you never told me that" you can say well here is my email that says I did. 

PLEASE DO be sure that your personality as long as your husbands is a key aspect of the wedding day. I cannot stress this enough! BE YOURSELF.  When your family and friends join you on your special day it is only common to have them feel the Bride & Grooms presence just in the layout. Include details that are "insiders" amongst the both of you. Incorporate things that you love but also things that he loves. Ladies, I know it is difficult to not control the whole wedding but let your hubby to be have some input. He is getting married to. 

PLEASE DO choose hair and makeup that suits you best. I would try out your hairstyle and make up before the day of your wedding. If you go solely off what a brides hair and make up looks like on a celebrity or a bridal mag...you might end up disappointed.  Every brides facial features and hair textures are different, what might look good on her...might not do you justice. When choosing your hair and makeup, try to select something fairly close to what you do on an everyday basis. Why? if your fiance has never seen your hair in an up-d0, when you're walking down the isle it might throw him off, you want to show him the woman he fell in love with, not someone completely different. 

PLEASE DO try on your heels before the day of your wedding! I cannot imagine anything more horrific then a bride walking down the isle and tripping over herself because she is not used to the heels she selected. BREAK THOSE BABIES IN!! when hubby to be isn't home, put on some socks and slide those babies on. Walk around the house, clean in them, relax in them, grab the broom and dance in them. It may sound funny but you do not want your feet to be in pain the day of your wedding because no matter how happy you are, your face will                                                                                                                show otherwise. 

PLEASE DO say Thank-You. If your wedding was the day of your dreams be sure to thank the people who made it happen. Everyone helped make that day possible and it is only common courtesy to show them that they are appreciated. 


PLEASE DON'T Social Media. Disconnect from social media. Your wedding day is about YOU. Do not verify to all of the followers every single detail of your wedding day. If they are somebody important to you, they will be at the wedding. You can update your relationship status the next day (if you need to). IG, Twitter, FB, Tumblr, Pinterest will be the same after the wedding. 

PLEASE DON'T  Starve.  Bride to be's please remember to eat. I know it is a big day and you have a lot of things on your mind other then food, but EAT WOMAN! It can be a small snack (in case you are worried about bloating) or a full meal, no one likes hungry women. We are feisty when not fed. Especially since you will be drinking at your reception...empty stomach+alcohol=disaster.  

PLEASE DON'T  hesitate to minimize the toasts. Give your Maid of Honor & Best man a time limit on the mic please! Especially if they have had a couple of drinks prior. 1-2 minutes of show time is more than enough. Not only can it get boring for your guests but it creates to much room for the wrong thing to be said. It is a party, not a school presentation. 

PLEASE DON'T Panic. Things will go wrong. It happens all the time. Do not freak out and let that small error ruin your day. I promise it will feel like the worst thing in the whole entire world at the moment but later you will look back on it with your husband and laugh. Just go with the flow, let out good vibes and everything will fall in place. 

PLEASE DON'T go with tradition if that is not what you want.  It is YOUR wedding. If there are traditional things you and hubby aren't quite into...don't do them. You can do whatever you want, you are paying for it and it is your day. You don't want to toss the bouquet into a crowd of women...don't. Who says you have to ? Have a pizza cake if you want one? Sure. Unique weddings are the best weddings. Who wrote the book on TRADITION? 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Perfect Dress: 

     When it comes to planning a wedding, I feel like picking out your wedding dress is one of the most stressful phases of the whole process. Every girl wants to feel beautiful, flawless, impeccable on their wedding day, not only for their personal opinion, but they want everyone else to look at them and be like "Wow, she looks PERFECT"! Although every woman is perfect in their own way, impressing others unfortunately is not a simple task. Everyone always has something to say.  Here are some tips to help every bride stress less while find the PERFECT DRESS... 

Tip # 1: Scheduling your dress appointment
     You never EVER want to schedule your appointments late in the day. Picture yourself at work, when are you the most energized and willing to work ?? Early  in the day, at-least for me. As mid-afternoon approaches your energy level is slowly decreasing. When picking your wedding dress, you will need an energetic, filled with life, bridal staff! If they aren't into it when you get there, the whole appointment will be a drag. 

Tip#2: Finding the perfect body fit
      No one knows your body better than you do. Although it is very easy to get caught up in the latest trends and opinions, you need to find the silhouette that best suits YOU. The first step in feeling beautiful in your dress is to make sure it suits your body type. Women come in all shapes and sizes and although you might of dreamt about one type of dress, it might not be the best choice for you. 

Tip#3: Pay close attention to the details of your dress    
       When you look back at your pictures and videos of your special day you will notice every detail of your wedding dress, more then anything. When looking through dress selections, pay close attention to the top of your wedding dress in particular. Look at the detail, how it accentuates your figure. Most of your pictures are close ups and if your top is lacking, you will soon come to hate your gown. Not to mention, the top is what your guests notice the most. If it isn't flattering to your bust, reconsider. 

Tip#4: Bring a camera to your appointments
         Women know more then anyone how the mirror can be deceiving. Photos do not lie. In order to make sure that the dress fits right, and makes you feel GLAMOROUS, take a SELFIE in each dress. Once you leave the salon and go home and review the pictures from your potential dresses, you will soon notice details that you didn't while you were infatuated with yourself in the mirror. Remember your memory of your wedding is through pictures, if you never see how you look in your dress through a photo till the special day...it might end up horrifying. You are your own worst critic. Everyone can say they love it, its beautiful, blah blah blah...but if you DON't, look elsewhere. 

Tip#5: The Audience doesn't always applaud
         When going to your dress appointments I recommend not to bring a whole audience to help you. I wouldn't recommend you go alone either, but one or two people is more than enough. TOO MANY OPINIONS! Choosing the perfect dress is already stressful enough...you really don't need someone else driving you even more crazy and mixing up how you feel. It is YOUR WEDDING. The more opinions that are announced, the more stressed you feel, and then everything you try on will just be worse and worse. Your brain is powerful and it is easy to jump to conclusions without knowing if that is how you really feel. Bring people you trust, that know you, and have your best interest at heart. In reality, if you love it, so will they. 

Tip#6: Undergarments 
         One of my biggest pet peeves is a bra strap!!! I believe they are called undergarments for a reason, with all of the selections we have of bra types, your bra should not be visible at any point. When trying on wedding gowns, it is best to not wear a bra at all. A bra strap can throw off the whole feel of a wedding dress. However, I know that some women are not comfortable without a bra on, FINE..but PLEASE do not wear a bra from when you were in high school that looks like it has been through hell and back. Trust me, you spend most of your time at your dress appointments in a bra and panties, if you get insecure looking at yourself in your undergarments...that will bring negativity to your next dresses. 

Tip#7: SiZiNg
       You know how they say "Don't judge a book by its cover?" well I say "Don't judge a dress by its size". When looking through your options, do not discard a flawless dress because it is not your size...that is why tailors are hired. Before looking at the size of the dress, look at the detail. Can you picture yourself in this dress? Will it look good on you  ? Is this the dress? Is it even worth trying on? If you go straight to looking at the size, you wont even notice the way the dress looks. Bridal staff have clamps and techniques to give you the vision you need to see if the dress fits the part. 

Tip#8: Accessories
        I LOVE ACCESSORIES. I have always thought that accessories can make or break your outfit. When looking through accessories for your gown be certain that they match not only your gown but the theme of your whole wedding! Don't purchase a vintage head piece if your wedding theme is glitzy glam. Also take into consideration that most accessories are NON REFUNDABLE. Be certain that if you are purchasing a $500.00 veil that it goes with your gown perfectly, and you aren't going to stop loving it as soon as you leave the store. 

Tip#9: The Questions
        You should always have a list of questions that need to be answered before buying a wedding dress. You should also make sure, the answers you are getting to these questions are actually the answers you want to hear.Don't settle. Think of your wedding dress as a boyfriend, before he comes your husband you need to go through A LOT of trial and error before you know he is the one. You will try on a whole bunch of dresses before you know that you've found the one. Do not only worry about the way you look. Worry about the rest of the day in that gown. Are you going to be hot ? Does the material itch? Can you dance in it ? Can you breath in it ?  Can you sit down ? Are you confident in it ? these are just a few essential questions that can lead to the purchase or the denial. 

    Picking your wedding dress is one of the happiest times in the planning of your big day. You only get married once, make it count. Do not settle for less. Find the dress that makes you cry, smile, laugh, jump up and down like a five year old, make you feel sexy; it is out there..you just have to find it (: 


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The meaning behind the Flower: 

      Did you know that Flowers can speak ? Flowers are the most diverse form of nature on the planet. The type of flower you choose for your wedding can set the tone for your future. What flower will you choose?? 
     When planning a wedding you have infinite options on the usage of flowers. Centerpieces, Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Party favors, decoration; the list goes on and on...Have you ever thought of what each flower was saying ? The details of your wedding are essential, choose the flower with the meaning that best suits you. 

Flowers you may want to AVOID
Although all flowers are beautiful, they might come with a negative meaning, and lets be honest you would not want to start your life together on a negative note. 

Larkspur: Infidelity & Lavender. 
This flower symbolizes distrust.

Foxglove & Yellow Lillies:
 Insincerity & falsehood 
Christmas Rose: Scandal 
Marigold: Grief

Must Have Flowers: 

Aster: Love & Daintiness 

Freesia: Trust 
Clematis: Love Vine 

Red Tulips: Declaration of Love
White Tulip: Perfect Lover
Yellow Tulip: Hopeless Love
Iris: Wisdom & Hope 

Red Roses: Love
Red & White Roses: Unity 

Ivy: Marriage 
Red Carnations: Pure Deep Love 

                                                                       Lily: Purity

    Set the right tone for your wedding. Choose a flower that speaks the language you want to hear the day of your wedding. Flowers can be used as KEEPSAKES..to last for a lifetime. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Budget Tips

            Most girls have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little girls! We dream about how amazing it is going to feel to walk down the isle at the wedding of our DREAMS!! However, unfortunately, what we do not think about is how to make our dream wedding happen...on a BUDGET. 
            As a little girl I never thought life would be so rough (money wise). Now as an adult I see that the wedding of my dreams can definitely happen, as long as I budget myself correctly. As an event planner, I am writing this blog to help you lovely brides get yourself on track! 
           When planning your wedding there are a couple things that are the main priority. 
NUMBER ONE: write out a budget that works for you and your Fiance. You cannot start your life together in debt. Both of you know very well where you stand on income, make sure the budget you set is realistic and works for the both of you. You also want to converse with your family and sort who is going to contribute and who is not. This way there will be no surprises when it comes down to payment. 
             I have learned that the best way to keep a budget flowing is to be ORGANIZED.  When planning your wedding you must have organization!! I cannot stress it enough. Carry around a notebook with you when you are going on your wedding planning adventures and write down EVERYTHING!  I'm not sure if you have seen the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S but Monica Gellar is definitely the definition of organization. If your are organized then everything else will just fall into place. 

NUMBER TWO: Hire an Event Planner 

Event planners will assist you in making sure that your day is very special without the headache. A bride on her wedding day should wake up and be pampered....not have to call the photographer, the florist, make sure everything is ready to go, it is the absolute WORST! By the time you are walking down the isle you have popped like 10 advils and your head is still throbbing. When booking a venue, you need to ask A LOT of questions. Hiring an event coordinator will assist you in doing so. They know exactly how the business works. You want to make sure that you are fully aware of everything that you are purchasing for your wedding day in order to stay in budget. Do not sell yourself short, just be open to suggestions. 

NUMBER THREE: DON'T GO THE EXTRA MILE (if you can't afford it)

I cannot stress this enough, I have seen too many brides plan the wedding of their dreams and add all of this extra unnecessary garbage. The day you get married is about the Bride & Groom, NO ONE ELSE. You need to make sure  that you both are happy with the outcome. If you can't afford an over the top reception with ice-sculptures and dancers and diamond centerpieces then do not push for it. At the end of the night, all you will really care about is sharing the experience with your spouse. Do we all want this amazing breath taking wedding day? Of course. But can we all afford it ? No. Select what fits into the budget yet still presents everything you ever wanted. 


The key in life is to always communicate. When budgeting your wedding you need to speak with everyone involved in assisting you make your dreams come true. Most people just expect everyone to be on board with their millions of ideas, but in reality...most people are not. Make sure to speak with everyone and let them know the role they are playing in the planning of the wedding, so there are no surprises later on when it comes down to payment, When you receive an update, make sure to get that group text ready so everyone is well aware. 


Choosing a venue is one of the hardest decisions in wedding planning. In order to stay within your budget it is in your best interest to choose a venue that HAS IT ALL. What do I mean by this ? Choose a venue that offers you every detail within the package. Yes the package might look complete, but make sure to ask questions to ensure all details are correct. Create a checklist of items that are the most important to you when choosing a venue, it is the best way to stay on track. It is a lot easier to choose a venue that is all inclusive. It is a saving mechanism and also a stress saver. A bride does not want to wake up on her wedding day and have to call every single vendor to ensure they are ready to go. Aqua Reception Hall offers you an ALL-INCLUSIVE wedding day. Everything you will ever need for your wedding can be done at our location by our event coordinators. NO STRESS. 


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